Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Getting Away

The end of the year is nearing fast and unlike any year before, this New Years actually means something. It means a lot. That's been on my mind lately, however, this post has nothing to do with that. This has more to do with putting heavy thought to the side. Actually, that's too specific. This post has to do with pushing thought out completely. That was the theme of this past weekend when I joined my brother and his childhood friends on their annual camping trip. This group really knows how to capture the moment.

It was the 7th annual St Augustine camping trip and the second time I was in attendance. It's a two hour drive north from home for all of us. The weather is no different, the beach is pretty much the same, and we could easily camp at the national park 15 minutes south of home. But that's not the point! This annual pilgrimage feels light years away. Australia, China, and London... All these places seem closer than this trip. This group makes the extra effort to create an experience outside of 'home' for a reason. Somehow they know how to escape... and their method is simple... more of the same. It's truly amazing. We're in a different world, but with the same people and the exact same environment that we've always known. The difference is that no matter what everyone is doing you force yourself to stop and come together... together as a united front.

The United Front. While I didn't have the same peers as this crew growing up I do have a very significant commonality.... Home. This entire crew grew up in the same environment that I did. We had the same teachers, experienced the same weather patterns, drove the same speed down Oak St. and as a result we seem to be on the same page with most everything. Things clicks. Everything escapes your mind easily. Life just is. Just like when living home. Life just IS. There's laughing, drinking, relaxing, and mostly just living. We're all in love, infatuated... with home... with simplicity... with friends... and with life.


  1. I'm glad my pose made the cover of this post. You're absolutely right, and camping got ruined this year because we tried something DIFFERENT (inviting lots of people, too many of them mainlanders). I hope I'm striking a pose in the next post, about how amazing the keys are....

  2. Hey Mikey-
    Okay so I'm reading your blog page just as you requested in the photo album on facebook. I will go ahead and confess I am also procrastinating from homework. But glad I did because I have been feeling much this way since coming back from the extended break from home and jumping (or being pushed rather) into spring semester.

    The weird thing about home is that, in my opinion, it is so much a part of you that even the times when "home" or the things connected with home get irritating, or daunting or somehow in the way, they still are good in that the familiarity is there. At least this is the way that I feel about it.

    Also, I could totally see JSem's friends being a cool bunch. Hope all is well.


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