Friday, March 20, 2009

On The Run

These photos were taken in nowhere Southern China. All the booths you see are actually the front yards of homes that over the years developed into an outdoor fleemarket type of environment. Consumers and everyday life are completely merged. It was an odd feeling. Its like having a yard sale for your entire existence. You would look inside the homes and see dinner being cooked and kids playing as if no one else was around. I remember questioning how often they leave this small area.

I caught this child running through the market. His final destination would probably be the end of this "gated" community. For better or for worse he'll probably never leave the city limits. As I get ready to run to my next adventure I reflect on the scope of the "gated" community that I've had the fortune to live in...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Edit Me!

I recently noticed that I haven't posted many photos with people in them. So I started rummaging the library and found this candid shot of my brother and his friends 'hanging out' on the beach. After staring at it for a while I became entranced by the extreme focus... hmm... or rather lack of focus that each had at the moment. In examining the photo, my focus immediately entered a journey to a magical place and without evening knowing it I became inspired by Lear Bunda's short film, 'Gypsy Crepes' and Joe Koubecks theme song for the film, 'Journey to a Magical Place'. I'll strongly assume that's where Jonathan, Tim, Alex and Steph are during this moment.

I can't seem to get this photo where I want it. I have about 5 different versions and for each one the colors seem either too dull or too bright and the animations are either too much or too little. I just can't get it there... Anyway, thank you to Lears inpiration, but I bet he would be able to get this right somehow.

I invite anyone to give recommendations for how to improve or I can send over the .psd and you can have at it yourself. I'll post whatever you do for a comparison, which was the motivation behind the posts title, 'Edit Me!'

Check out the Gypsy Crepes trailor here! You'll see what I mean.