Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Basque Melody

It took a good friends birthday to get me motivated again. Happy birthday, Sara!


I took this photo during a countryside drive through the Basque region of Spain in April of 2009 with my good friend Andy. The day was gloomy and a constant drizzle made it hard to focus on each turn. We let this vibe guide us. While there was little sun there was plenty of strength. It was one of those moods that fostered life. Every part of the landscape, from the grazing sheep, to the lush fields, to the rich culture, indicated a robust authenticity preserved in this part of the world.

Driving up a dirt road and through a small village we glanced out the rain covered window to see this image subtly peer through the trees. With the rain lightly falling and the treas framing the hacienda in the distance, the feeling was surreal - as if transformed back to another era. I took one photo, jumped back in the car and continued onto the next stop of our aimless drive into the brawn of the Basque countryside.