Monday, November 9, 2009

Backyard Ethos

Growing up I took these moments for granted. But after living here and there and here again over the years I have come to understand. It's nice to have this type of base to always go back to. This is meant literally and figuratively. Yes, I'm lucky to have this place to actually go home to during times of transition and family holidays, but even more so I've been given the ability to go back to this place as an ethos. When life gets heavy or a bit too fast I've always managed to drift into this landscape to regroup, recharge, and remind me of... me. I rarely even know I'm doing it.

I tried to go with the grainy throwback look here; ala the 'Endless Summer' style. I have another 400 photos of sunsets in the archives of which I've edited about 30 of. None of them have any technical excellence. They're just nice... And simple...


  1. Awesome, I love it. This picture makes me throughly jealous for a number of reasons that I will not admit.

  2. Hey Mikey that is an awesome picture. Melbourne beach seems like one hell of a place to wake up to. When I get my camera we'll have to have some show downs.


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