Saturday, February 21, 2009

Magazine Cuttings

Adventure, Exploration, Discovery: In its purest sense, the unachievable. The true explorer is never satisfied, never satiated. There is and will always be, more to be accomplished. Carpe Diem is the explorers mantra. However, the explorer also understands that there is a means to an end... That without growth, experience, and wisdom, to seize the day is, well, impossible.

The shotty crops and dramatic colors in this photo are intentional. Usually when I edit a photo I try to capture the image in the way I remember it. Sometimes what I remember is based in imagination rather than reality. In the Whitsundays, Australia life felt like a cut/paste world. Everything was surreal and at times animated. In this photo I was wading through waste high water, dodging stingrays and following my good friend David into the unknown.

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