Wednesday, December 20, 2006


An 18 hour train (approx 80 mph), 2 hour bus ride (approx 50mph), and a 45 minute electric scooter rental (approx 23 mph) brought me to this distant, oily-aired Southern village in China. Only on a an adventure will you find genuine moments like the ones that was experienced on this day. We traveled all day with the clear plan of aimlessness. For on this day direction did not matter. Every direction brought us directly to our goal: discovery.

Each corner we turned pushed our hair back so that we were surprised over and over again... There was a degree of anxiety and stress not far from that of competing in an important sports match, but it had the tranquility of taking a dip on a warm stale night and the reward of earning a weekend. We were way off our comfort grid, but somehow this was welcomed.

During my day I came across this scene. I'll let your imagination figure out how, why, and who got this table to the middle of an extremely poor and rural part of China. Let me know what you think.


  1. Aww I guess no one had a guess or you just deleted all the wrong guesses. I am stumbled as well, was it you who brought the table here? Either way amazing picture. : )
    - younger Collins

  2. Little Collins! Thanks for the post. You're the first. I actually didn't think anyone read these, but by the looks of thing the Collins are my biggest fans to date. Thanks!

    I have no idea how the table got there. We were in the middle of the developing world. I'm guessing the tables trip may have been similar to mine, but it would have been cool to have been able to track its true path.

    When the photo was taken it looked brand new. After years of sitting outside in the hot sun or rainy weather, I have a feeling it looks like the rest of the region now; battered, worn, and old.

    Next time I'm in town we need to hang again. Winter break was a lot of fun!


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